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About LANC

Lanc Remastered is an open source network monitoring and packet analysis application designed to pull/sniff IP’s on gaming consoles such as Playstation/Xbox and a remake of the original LANC program. LANC however, originated back in 2010-2011 as an IP puller for private use on internal and external networks, similar to Wireshark and Commview.

While LANC itself, worked perfectly for system administrators at the time, it did come with it’s problems like some features being deprecated,  its tricky setup with annoying errors and the developer no longer supporting his sofware, resulting in “end of life”.




Then came the developer Psycho Coding also known as Lord Psychotic, which released a remake of the original LANC program called LANC v2. This update/remake fixed the Geo location IP lookup, added a browser database to label IP’s and ultimately made the program more stable.

Lanc V2

lanc v2

Not long after the release of LANC v2, it started to get popular amongst the gaming and hacking community with positive feedback and inspiration. Thus, resulted Lord Psychotic to publish another update, this time released as LANC Remastered. Lanc Remastered came with features such as a ping tool, Xbox live and COD servers highlighting tool, network adapter information and a LAN device sniffer to scan your local devices.

Lanc Remastered

lanc remastered

Following the release, LANC Remastered ended up to be your go-to tool for sniffing/pulling IP’s on your Playstation and Xbox for the next 4 years. While users started to report issues on the program not opening or working etc, a trend of resolving IP’s via an an online database started to emerge (think xResolver), enabling users to search any IP or gamertag on a website.

In 2020, another release arrived, dubbed PCPS. Lanc Remastered PCPS comes with much more features as its predecessors. While it still works as an IP puller, it’s also a PSN/Xbox Resolver to retrieve info on previously labeled/pulled IP’s and gamertags. Making it simpler and more efficient than ever before.


lanc remastered pcps

Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version, Lanc PCPS is recommended to use, as it comes with more features than ever before, including an online database to resolve IP’s and Gamertags.

However, if you prefer to use the older versions such as Lanc v2 and Remastered edition they are still working on the current console patches but slightly limited. The original LANC v1 is not recommended but still made available for downloads.

Lanc Remastered is really simple to install. You only need a windows device (7,8 or 10) to install the application and a few libraries/packages to get it up and running.

Software you need to install for Lanc Remastered to work:

  1. C++ Redistributable Package 2010 and higher
  2. Win10Pcap for windows 10 devices or if you have a Windows 7/8 machine, use WinPcap.
  3. .Net Framework 4.5.2 and higher
  4. NPcap

Yes you can use a VPN with LANC Remastered and PCPS.

Those using PCPS – Within the app, turn on advanced mode and select the adapter your console is connected to. Then check “preset” and click start monitoring.

Those using LANC – Connect a VPN on your computer/laptop and share the connection to your console.

See our VPN guides for Xbox and PlayStation.

View our complete FAQ on how to fix Lanc Remastered PCPS or check out our tutorial on how to use Lanc Remastered PCPS

You can download the source code in our download section here or on github.

Use our ultimate gamers guide on how to kick and boot players offline on Playstation and Xbox.

Yes, not only did Psycho Coding develop the LANC PCPS app they also created the following;

  • RGHC – A tool to modify your JTagged Xbox 360 with tons of added mods and features.
  • XBL Party Tool – Xbox Party tool that allows you to pull IP’s, extract party information regardless whether you are logged in and an integrated party kicker to name a few.
  • Online gamertag/IP database similar to Xresolver where you can enter their gamertag or IP to retrieve previously logged info.
  • Mobile App – Yes, there is a mobile app to use for you to use their premium features.