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LANC Download – All Versions

This repository acts as the download portal for all LANC versions, including the original LANC, v2, Remastered edition and PCPS. We recommend using the latest version PCPS as it comes with extra features, regular updates and being more stable than its predecessors.

Simply download any version of LANC by clicking on the download button. If you are having issues setting up or installing LANC, follow our guides: How to use LANC Remastered PCPS or How to fix LANC Remastered PCPS


Remake of LANC Remastered
IP/Gamertag Resolver with online datase
Xbox Party Tool added
Includes all features of previous versions

Release Date: 2020

Developer: Lord Psychotic

lanc remastered pcps

LANC Remastered

Remake of LANC v2
LAN Sniffer Device added
Xbox and COD Server Highlighting Tool
Network Info & Ping Tool integrated

Release Date: 2016

Developer: Lord Psychotic

lanc remastered


Remake of LANC
IP Label Editor Database Added
GEOlocation IP lookup Tool
Fixed Bugs and Errors occurred on LANC

Release Date: 2016

Developer: Lord Psychotic

lanc v2


Original LANC IP puller
Built-in ARP Spoofing
Packet Filtering
Works on LAN & WIFI

Release Date: 2011

Developer: Andrew Peterman