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How to fix Lanc Remastered, v2 and PCPS – FAQ

This section acts as your go-to page for fixing any issues found with Lanc Remastered , v2 and PCPS. Click on a similar error below to find your solution.

Lanc Remastered is an opensource network monitoring and packet analysis application designed to pull/sniff IP’s on gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox. Lanc PCPS is the latest version that comes with added features similar to a PSN resolver and Xbox resolver.

No, Lanc Remastered is a legitimate program that pulls IP’s, however some AV’s might pick up Lanc as a false positive due to packet capturing. In addition, to make sure your Lanc Remastered is safe, only download it from this website and not from external sources such as Youtube and Mediafire links.

There were a few issues on the previous versions of Lanc Remastered where as files might be missing or an error pops up regards to Object reference not set to an instance of an object. To resolve this, please update to the latest stable version of Lanc Remastered PCPS.

Additional information on how to fix lanc remastered can be found below:

  1. Make sure you have all the required software in order for Lanc Remastered to work.
  2. Re-download Lanc Remastered and make sure all the files are there.
  3. Update your windows 10 machine to the latest version/build.

Lanc Remastered is really simple to install. You only need a windows device (7,8 or 10) to install the application and a few libraries/packages to get it up and running.

Software you need to install for Lanc Remastered to work:

  1. C++ Redistributable Package 2010 and higher
  2. Win10Pcap for windows 10 devices or if you have a Windows 7/8 machine, use WinPcap.
  3. .Net Framework 4.5.2 and higher
  4. NPcap

Make sure you have all the required software in order for Lanc remastered to work. If Lanc Remastered still doesn’t open, reinstall WinPcap, .Net Framework and C++ Redistributable. Also make sure your windows is up to date.

The last resort, if the above doesn’t work, will be to reinstall your network drivers (wifi and ethernet can be uninstalled via device manager) and to run a malware scan to see if there’s any malicious activity blocking the packet sniffing process. Use malwarebytes, adwcleaner and ccleaner. Then open up CMD as administrator (right click on CMD) and run the command sfc /scannow to verify the integrity of your windows files. Restart your computer and reinstall the necessary software again. Then run Lanc Remastered PCPS and it will OPEN.

Deselect IPv6 protocol before pulling IP’s within your network adapter.

Also make sure under your ARP Spoofing tab. Make sure you selected your router IP address in the “FROM” section and your playstation/xbox in the “TO” section for lanc remastered to pull IP’s

There has been issues with previous windows where as lanc remastered won’t pick up your network adapter. Firstly troubleshoot as per below.

  1. Did you try using wifi and ethernet?
  2. Did you untick IPv6 within network adapter settings?
  3. Is your windows machine on the latest update?
  4. Disable your antivirus/ windows defender

To resolve this you need to determine which windows you have installed by checking the build/version number. If it falls under the working build/versions then proceed by installing the WinPcap to your respective windows version(WinPcap) or (Windows 10 Pcap). Otherwise upgrade your windows machine to the latest update.

This usually happens when your router or ISP doesn’t allow ARP spoofing.

To resolve, try the following;

  1. Restart your computer and console
  2. Untick IPv6 and change your DNS to
  3. See whether you can pull any IP’s at all with a small party/game session.
  4. Connect to a VPN and test again
  5. Use a different router and ISP

If none of the above worked for you, contact us on messenger or mail and we will assist remotely.


Yes you can use a VPN with LANC Remastered and PCPS.

Those using PCPS – Within the app, turn on advanced mode and select the adapter your console is connected to. Then check Preset “off” and click start monitoring.

Those using LANC – Connect a VPN on your computer/laptop and share the connection to your console.

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