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Xbox Resolver

Xbox resolver is an IP resolver designed to resolve Xbox Gamertags and find IP addresses of players on Xbox Live.In other words. It resolves the IP address and converts the IP to it’s relevant gamer tag and vice versa. This functions in the same way as DNS does, with each domain having its IP address translated by the internet browser.

There is a requirement for a central database server with all of the Xbox usernames access in the Xbox resolver. However, Microsoft does not allow others to access this sensitive information from the database. As a result, some Gamertags are unable to resolve. But with the help of two developers they have already created their own database with millions of gamertags for easy to use resolution.

In this circumstance, the ARP spoofing technique comes in handy because any gamer can sniff the data packets transferred across their network. For example, one may pick up the IP address of a live Xbox gamer by intercepting traffic from network Xbox devices by using tools such as Lanc PCPS or Octosniff. It may include ISP information such as the gamer’s IP address, country, and city.

There are many things you can do with xbox resolver, but the following are some of the more obvious and intriguing aspects.


Xbox Resolver Features

  • Find Xbox Gamertag IPs in mere seconds
  • Boot the IP offline
  • Kick People from Party Chats
  • Pull IPs in real time or Online
  • Easy to use Graphic Interface
  • Extract GEO location

An Xbox resolver can be used online which will extract data stored on the database for a quick and easy resolve. It’s much faster to check but there might be a chance where the IP won’t be listed. If not, then proceed with the offline installation.

The offline Xbox resolver is an install-able IP pulling software that will resolve Gamertags in game sessions and party chats in real time. Meaning, this is LIVE!

Xbox Resolver Online (IP database)

Using the Xbox resolver online is easy to use and most people opts to take advantage of it. Currently there are only two databases to access online, called Xresolver and PCPS Search.

Simply submit the gamertag in query and you will instantly receive the IP address.

xbox resolver
xbox resolver

Xbox Resolver Offline (Real Time Decryption)

The offline Xbox Resolver uses ARP spoofing to intercept and capture network traffic in real time. Play any game and load up the resolver and you can pull people’s gamertags and IPs.

For the install-able Xbox resolver to work on your Windows 10 PC. You will need to install the following requirements.

Now install one of the below IP pullers to resolve Xbox gamertags. Lanc Remastered PCPS or Octosniff.

How to pUll IPs using Free Xbox resolver

After the installation of the required software, you need to  download PCPS, double click the application to launch and follow the instructions below or view our tutorial on how to use LANC Remastered PCPS.

Configuring Lanc PCPS Without VPN

Now click on Advanced mode and configure your settings.

  1. Select your Network Adapter
  2. Check “on” ARP spoofing
  3. Select your Router IP
  4. Select your Xbox/Playstation IP
  5. Check “on” Preset
  6. Start monitoring Traffic
how to use lanc remastered pcps

Setup with VPn

Connect your computer to your VPN before launching PCPS. If you need one read our recommended best VPN for Xbox. Then configure your LANC as shown below or view the screenshot.

  1. Select your network adapter
  2. Check “off” Preset
  3. Start Monitoring Traffic

Alternatively, you can also use the paid software Octosniff to pull IPs on Xbox.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Xbox resolver is the only working resolver on the market and is very real. Simply submit a Gamertag into the database and you will instantly receive an IP address.

No, Xbox resolver is an online website that offers a service to resolve gamertags.

Yes and No. You can reverse lookup a Gamertag to IP but not Gamertag to a Person’s name or telephone number. If you befriend someone you can lookup their account information.

Yes, An Xbox IP address resolver is a tool that provides you the IP address of a user provided you know his Gamertag. This method is one of the easiest methods you can use to get the IP address of Xbox gamers.

The IP Address Xresolver provide is called a Public IPv4. This IP is automatically logged on absolutely every website & internet service you connect to, even a VPN! The software that got your IP is Octosniff IP sniffer.

Your Xbox Gamertag IP is your public IP address given by your ISP. To find someones IP you need to use Xbox IP resolver or PCPS IP puller.

No, in terms of collection of IPv4 its not illegal as its public information. However what users do with the IP addresses can lead to illegal activity.

Xbox Live requires the following ports to be open: Port 88 (UDP) Port 3074 (UDP and TCP) Port 53 (UDP and TCP)