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T3S IP Puller and Xbox Party Kicker

T3s live is a website that provides gamers an IP puller and party kicker service without the need to install anything. This is all done via your browser and you will require to authorize your Xbox account to use their tools. The T3s IP puller grabs IP’s within your own game and will associate all gamertags per IP with great success. The T3S Xbox party kicker is one of the best booters available on the market and will allow you to kick players off a party regardless whether you are the host or not.

The downside of T3S is that it’s unfortunately not a free to use tool and will require to purchase one of their subscriptions. But with continuous updates, great discord support channel, it could be just what you are looking for.

Alternatively if you want a free tool and booter, you can use our PCPS IP puller. Or view our complete collection of IP pullers and Booters for Xbox and PlayStation.

T3S IP puller and Xbox Party Kicker


Internet Browser, Authorize Xbox Account

T3S Screenshot

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