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StressThem | Stress Them To (Alternative Working Link)

StressThem is one of the leading IP booting and IP stressing websites on the market and offers up to 1.1gbps stress test. Stressthem is also capable performing layer 4 and layer 7 attacks consisting of UDPMIX, CLDAP and DNS. Recently their website has been reported to be down and we can confirm this has now been almost 3 weeks (since this post).

Many customers has complained about the site exit scamming and when it did work at best, its an intermittent service.

Other claims has spread around that the site was constantly getting DDoS’ed from other stresser sites and have resulted the owners to shut the service down. Another source claims that the government might have taken down the site, but then you would’ve noticed the FBI logo on the site which currently only shows a SSL socket error.



Although StressThem might have used a botnet to perform their attacks, their system seems to be down permanently and users will need to seek alternative options.

Stressthem Features

• API: No.
• Has Layer 4: Yes
• Has Layer 7: Yes
• Has Free Stresser: Yes

• Layer 4 Methods:

• Accepted Payment Methods:

• Privacy
Privacy on this stresser does not seem to exist.
This stresser uses Google (Tag manager, Captcha, Fonts, analytics, ect) which is very bad for privacy, and enables google to track it’s users.
This stresser does keep logs.

Is Stressthem Safe?

Based on reported user reviews and website support StressThem is not safe and would be best to use one of the legitimate IP booting websites available on the market. Always try a website first using the free IP stresser and see whether their owner or support do answer your tickets.

Why is StressThem not working?

StressThem exit scammed a month ago and will not be working anymore. However, the domain still points to a server and will have to monitor what will eventually happen. Perhaps it will expire or redirected to a different Stresser website. Only time will tell.

StressThem To Alternative?

There will always be IP stressers and IP booters available to use as its a multi-million dollar industry. If you would like to use an alternative to stressthem see below.

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