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BootPS xyz BootXB xyz (Read this before using Website)

For the last year or so two websites called and has gained attraction amongst gamers on Xbox and PlayStation. The website claims it can boot players offline by simply typing in the Xbox Gamertag or PSN Username. But, in order to proceed you need to do a so called “human verification” to boot the player offline.

This verification requires you to fill a survey or download a few apps on your mobile device and only then it can perform the “booting” process. Survey to download sites are notoriously known for making revenue to the webmaster that offer fake downloads, tools and promising giveaways that looks like the real deal. However these sites should be avoided at all cost or you could end up giving them your personal information and account details.

Another popular survey to download site amongst Gamers in 2019/2020 are websites that offer “free PSN codes” and “free xbox codes”.  See below fake websites that claim that they generate PSN codes. Out of the 7 sites listed, 6 of them are fake survey to download sites!!

bootps bootxb xyz booter

This year (2021) people has started to realize that these sites are click bait, fake news and a complete waste of time.

Surprisingly, BootPS xyz and BootXB xyz has lurked quietly in the backs and has excelled in terms of website traffic and getting users to do surveys. Recently BootPS xyz domain is no longer working as it may have been taken down because of Sony rights and now redirects to a different site that claims to offer free TikTok followers( Once again this site will ask you to do surveys and download apps even though the presence and feel of the website looks legit, IT ISN’T!

Is BootPS & BootXB xyz Booter safe?

No, sites that offer survey to download is 95% guaranteed to be a scam website. Either to make money from you filling in surveys/download apps or to phish your personal information. They might even try to steal your identity or install a RAT on your computer/phone.

Another clear reason that this won’t work is that only Microsoft and Sony has access to people’s gamertags and IP’s. Currently there is only two other databases that can be accessed publicly for users to resolve Xbox/PSN gamertags. This is LANC PCPS and Xresolver and these IP’s can change whenever the person changes their public IP address. So it will be impossible to just type in a gamertag and successfully boot them offline unless they have access to their mainframes. (again impossible)


BootPS & BootXB xyz Booter Alternative?

If you are looking to boot people offline on Xbox and PlayStation you will need to get the person’s IP address and then use an IP booter website that can knock them off. You can read our guides to do so.

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